"Lovely Funny" HISTORY

Natalie with Bagira, Elles & Tino, 1995

Welcome to the Lovely Funny history page !

From our childhood we dreamed about a dog, at first we collect pictures of all dogs we found, when learn all luterature on dogs and get cinological lessons in Cinological Kennel Club.
In 1990 our parents made a wonderful present on our Birthday (12 years) - collie puppy!!! This was tricolor bitch BAGIRA.
BAGIRA was very actice puppy, we teach her and made in practice all knowledge we get from literature before.
Once a time during a wolk with Bagira we get equanted with very active collie-lover on that time Galina Vasiljeva, the owner of tric dog Godjes Black Grac Er. she showed numerous puctures, magazines, show results and copies of pedigrees on collies and we knew COLLIE WORLD!!!
After a year we know about all known names of all collies over the C.I.S., about full results of all shows in C.I.S., we know all pedigrees of any collie! That was VERY interesting for us!!
Bagira was not of excellent quality, at her first and only show at 8 months she taked "2nd very good". At 2 years she had first litter of sable pups: dogs Arling, Aphrodite, Actor, Angeland bitches Alegant Girl, Actress, Angelica. All puppies were nice and healthy, they give a joy to their owners in Khmelnitsky. After a years Bagira went to our relatives in the village, where she has second and last litter. From that litter our relatives keeped sable bitch Lovely Funny Elis, she became very nice collie.
After years Bagi became a very clever, faithful, true and sure collie. In winter 2000 Bagira passed away at 10 years.

Known Collie World with all it's marvellous collies we decided to buy new puppy, in 1992 our friend Galina bring from one of the best breeder in Kiew sable bitch "ELLES" Charm Aflame Classic Style. ELLES was from well-known on that time parents.
The mother - Serenada z Sungiry - Best Junior at first Ukrainian Collie Show 1991, daughter of most pupular and the best stud dog Yutan Mamive;
the father - Nyitramenti Jack of All Trades - one of the first collie in Ukraine of english blood Pelido, Claredawn, Arranbrook.
Elles was very sweet puppy, we realised all our dreams with her. On her first show at puppy class at only 6 month Elles became Best Puppy and Res.BOB. At her second show at the International great show in Kiew she became Best Puppy among numerous puppies! under N.Gapanjuk judging.
Elles take part at much shows with great success, she winn 3 and became a winner of Collie Show in Khmelnitsky - BIS.

Lovely Funny Be Johny Row, Joy for Me, Jack Light,
Jack's Misty & Jowly, 1995

Elles also has two litters. Firts in 1995 from Ch Golden Gates Air-Monger where were born very nice puppies:
Ch Lovely Funny Be Jack's Misty and Ch Lovely Funny Be Jowly take part in showing and breeding (ow.N.Pasunok, Odessa), 3 more puppies went to Germany.
Second litter was from tric Double Scotch Black Easy Rider:
: Lovely Funny Cillery , Crosbow live in Khmelnitsky, Cordiel went to Turkey.
In 2002 Elles passed away at 10 years.

Svetlana with Bagira and her daughter Elis,
also Gruffy, Gari, Grand & Rina (Tino's children)
Bumblebee, 1998
In 1995 our favourite loving sheltie TINO come to our home, from that time only shelties live with us.

Natalie showed Boomer and Loki at Collie Show '97"

Elles & Tino, 1996

Bagira, 1995

Bagira & Tino, 1995

Elles at her first show at 6 mon., 1992

Charm Aflame Classic Style, 1993

Elles, 1994

Loki, 3 mon.

Lovely Funny Be Jack's Misty

puppies from Loki x Mallicot Sandy Storm

Lovely Funny Be Jowly

Loki & Boomer

Lovely Funny Cillery, Crossbow & Cordiel

Lovely Funny Cillery

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