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Our family live in west ukrainian town KHMELNITSKY.
First collie in our home was appeare in 1990, when the dream of a small girls came tru (that time we, Natalie and Svetlana, were 12 years old) ! We get equented with collies and from that time Collie World became a big part of our life: we visited dog shows taking numerous photos of nearly all exponents, we found many pen-friends and knew many collie lovers. From that time the mountains of beautiful collie - pictures, interesting literature on collies from all over the world did not disepeare from our home and growing every year.
Our parents likes collies with us. All that we have now on dogs we have thanks to our mum and dad.
With dogs we knew World and people in it! Our first sheltie - favourite TINO - came from Germany with our very nice friends Beate Alexander and Erika Heintz. Thanks to them we visited Germany in 1997 and that marvellous trip became unbeliavable mirackle for us: at first we visited West Europe, at first we were at great SHELTIE SHOW with more than 150 best shelties from all the continent! More than all, our TINO became BEST IN SHELTIE SHOW !!!, and we received Crystal Cup as farest guests in show.
After such grandious victory, that did not do any dog in C.I.S. (!), about TINO and us knew all the world, numerous articles were in newspapers and magazines.
From that time every year we were in different countries visited Germany once more, Poland, Denmark, England and knew more collie-sheltie-lovers, a lot of beautiful and legendary dogs!

our family in the village

We finished a school with extensive learning English and Technological Univercity on Bussiness and Low Department as economists. Svetlana worked as a main Tax inspector at Khmelnitsky`s Tax Office about 3 years, Natalie during 1.5 year had a job in Advertice's company, now we are at different homes, Natalia live in our new big house in Khmelnitsky with her daughter Julia (born 30 of November 2003). Svetlana moved to England in 2004 and now get merried where, togather with her husband and little daughter Katja they have boxers and shelties - new generation who already started the Lovely Funny line in England.
Togather we are editors of first and only Ukrainian independent specialized yearbook "Ukrainian Collie Sheltie Handbook" . First issue of Handbook was published in 2000, and we have already 5 Ukrainian Handbooks!
Today we are a breeders of the WORLD WINNER 2003 and the owners of the first and only shelties from England in Ukraine in all 3 colors! Our first shelties are already veterans, they are showed theirselves as a very succesfull show and breeding ones, they are Champions and have a lots of Champions-and-Winners children all over the World. Our new young shelties in Ukraine and in England are very promisimg and very soon you will meet us at shows with our 4rd generation. What we can dream about more!?

Natalie and Lana with TINO, july 2003

In june 2005 we celebrated 10-years jubelee Lovely Funny shelties with Party and Collie-Sheltie show. We are glad today with us our lovely funny shelties

Svetlana and Natalie with daughters, december 2006


our mother

Svetlana in Denmark, 2000

Natalie in England, 2002

Natalie in Crimea (UA), 2002

Natalia and Lana, aug 2003
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